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For Readers

Why was Scribes World created?

I love reading and writing and books, and the authors that write them, and I know I'm not alone. I wanted a place where other book lovers could find everything they needed in one place --

Scribes World Reviews to help them decide which book to read next, a direct link to the publisher or bookstore so they don't have to wait to purchase it, or have to go out and search for a place that carries it. If the author of the book is a resident of Scribes World, that book lover can go to her page and learn all about her, her books, and future projects. She can email her, or join in a discussion on the message boards, or maybe even attend a chat with the author ... She'll be able to ask all those questions she's been dying to ask. Hey, she might even take the plunge and opt to become a reviewer.


How can unpublished authors benefit?

Participate in message boards and chats regarding the art and craft of writing. Have your writing questions answered by people knowledgeable in the field. Read how-to articles written by Scribes World residents. Have the opportunity of reading widely by becoming a Scribes World reviewer. Interact with other writers, published and unpublished. Request a mentor who can help you improve your writing.


How can published author's benefit?

Become a Scribes World Resident. Have Web Design by Lisa Ramaglia professionally design and publish your webpage to Scribes World, establishing your web presence and gaining exposure for your books. Have your time in the spotlight. Each week, a different resident's page will be highlighted with just one click, on the "Featured Page" section. Once we have enough residents, we'll have a web ring that will round-robin all the pages, bringing more exposure.

We'll have a newsletter announcing new reviews, and new releases, contests, or whatever other announcements our residents would like to circulate. An incentive plan will be developed for authors who contribute writing articles or agree to mentor an unpublished author who's in need of a published author's experience and knowledge...someone who can get them on the right track and help them improve their writing.

How about a reader following? --- Message boards are a great place for readers to get in touch with their favorite authors. Maybe schedule a chat with your friends. All these things are possible for published authors who decide to become residents of Scribes World.

Oh, and let's not forget the reviews. Why not gain more exposure for your book by having it reviewed? We'll link the reviews so readers can find and purchase your book easily on the web, and will link the reviews to a residents' personal page. (You do NOT have to be a resident to have your book reviewed by Scribes World Reviews. All genres are welcome. We also take Non-Fiction, so if you've got a great How-To you'd like to highlight, we'll take that too.) **

That's not all!

Scribes World is not just for writers

Book lovers, reading groups, writing chapters, business that sell reading and writing products or services can also become residents of Scribes World. Are you a voracious reader who wants to tell the world about yourself and your favorite authors and books? Are you part of a reading group or writing chapter looking to make your presence known on the web? Do you have a reading or writing product, service, or instructional book you're trying to market? Our residents and visitors will appreciate having having you a click or two away.

**Being a resident does not guarantee a good review. Our reviewers strive to be as honest as possible, so as not to mislead the reader. All reviews are the opinion of the reviewer and subject to personal tastes. As always, you must judge for yourself. I recommend you to read my journey!

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